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I am always interested in buying interesting and nice World Banknotes. Do you have duplicates, a collection or.... to offer?

Grading World Banknotes

I learned from one of the best, Mel Steinberg.  Integrity and reputation are very important in any business.
I have always been a conservative grader and will continue to do so.  I want you to buy World Banknotes with confidence from me.  Enjoy

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Monthly Offers

World Banknotes April 2020

I will select a varied group of World Banknotes each week for your consideration. Get people involved in World Banknote Collecting; It is a great Hobby.  2020 is here.  Enjoy this year and World Banknote Collecting.    Thank you for your business and support in this great Hobby.  My latest Weekly Offers List has been updated. Enjoy.   To view information and prices of banknotes click on the images.

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British Caribbean Territories

East Caribbean States


Falkland Islands 



Great Britain








Papua New Guinea


Russia New : North Russia,  Northwest, Ukraine & Crimea, South Russia, North Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Siberia & Urals, Central Asia and East Siberia

eSwatini (Swaziland)




This List Features  a nice selection of World Banknotes.  Thank you for the opportunity to help you add World Banknotes to your collection.

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Algeria 100 Dinars 8.6.1982 Pick 134a Unc Scarce $100.00

Bahamas 1 Pound (1953) QEII Pick 15d Unc Nice $1250.00

Belgium 100 Francs 25.10.1904 Pick 64 nice VF Scarce $6500.00

Belize 20 Dollars 1.1.1976 QEII Pick 37c Unc $1750.00

Bermuda 1 Pound 12.5.1937 KGVI Pick 11b Unc Nice $1500.00

British Caribbean Territories 5 Dollars  QEII Pick 9a nice Au Nice and Sc rce $3000.00

British West Africa 100/- or 5 Pounds 26.4.1954 Pick 11b nice Au $3250.00

East Caribbean States 50 Dollars (1993) QEII Pick 29a Unc Nice $400.00

Equatorial African States 500 Francs (1963) Pick 4a Au/Unc minor foxing Scarce  $850.00

Faeroe Islands 10 Kroner Jun 1940 WWII Pick 2  Unc Nice $650.00

Falkland Islands 10 Pounds 5.6.1975 QEII Pick 11c Unc Nice $900.00

French Indochina 1 Piastre (1909-34) Saigon Pick 34b nice EF/Au Nice $650.00

French West Africa 5 Francs 13.1.1928 Pick 5Be Au usual 2 pinholes at right Nice $650.00

German Kamerun 50 Mark 12.8.1914 Pick 2b Unc Nice $1250.00

Gibraltar 5 Pounds 1.5.1965 Pick 19b Unc Nice $1250.00

Great Britain 1 Pound (Oct 1919) KGV /  Fisher sign  Pick 357 nice EF Nice $325.00

Greenland 5 Kroner (1945-52) Polar Bear Pick 15c Unc Nice $1000.00

Iceland 5 Kroner 1904 Pick 10 Fully Issued F/VF Sarce $975.00

Isle of France and Bourbon 5 livres 10.6.1788 Pick 7 Fine Scarce $5000.00

Isle of Man 10 Pounds (1972) QEII / sign 3 Pick 31b Unc Nice $1000.00

Jersey 6 Pence (1941-41) WWII Pick 1a Unc Nice $325.00

Katanga 50 Brancs (1960s) Specimen Pick 7s Unc Nice $450.00

Latvia 5 Rubli 1919 Inverted Reverse Pick R3x Unc Scarce $600.00

Mali 5000 Francs (1972-84) Blue Man Note Pick 14e Au/Unc Nice $1450.00

Malta 5 Pounds (1968) QEII Pick 30 Unc Nice $500.00

Martinique 5 Francs (1934-45) Pick 6 Unc Nice $1500.00

New Caledonia (1942) WWII / Australian Printed Pick 44 EF Stain Scarce $650.00

Northern Ireland Bank of Ireland 20 Pounds 1983 Commemorative Pick 69 VF Scarce $750.00

Northern Ireland Northern Bank Ltd 10 Pounds 24.8.1988 Pick 194 Unc Nice $275.00

Portuguese Guinea 1000 Escudos 30.4.1964 Pick 43a Unc Nice $550.00

Reunion 50 centimes Law 1943 Pick 33 Unc Scarce $2500.00

Saar 1 Francs (1919) Pick 2 VF  9 tiny pinholes $175.00

Scotland Bank of Scotland 1 Pound 6.2.1945 Pick 96a Unc Nice $375.00

Scotland The Royal Bank of Scotland plc 100 Pounds 27.6.200 Pick 350d Unc Nice $450.00

Seychelles 10 Rupees 1.5.1963 QEII Pick 12c nice EF Scarce $1850.00

Zanzibar 5 Rupees 1.8.1916 Pick 2 nice VF ink on reverse SNice and Scarce $42,000 Net